Reaching Process Excellence with Business Process Accelerators

business process efficiency

Reaching Process Excellence with Business Process Accelerators

Process Accelerators (PAs) are pre-built BPM solutions, deployable straight out-of-the-box yet designed to be easily extensible. They are complete solutions including best practice process models, business rules, UI, dashboards, and integration to Oracle applications as required. They deliver quality solutions for code industry business processes. Try this lab to gain insight into the following Accelerators :

  • Internal Service Request
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Travel Request Management

Process Accelerators help organizations reach process excellence faster by delivering business process solutions built using Oracle BPM Suite. Process Accelerators are prebuilt business process software solutions that can be deployed as-is, including key application interfaces, yet conceived and architected to be extended to meet unique customer requirements

Process Accelerators deliver business benefits across the organization and improve the efficiency, visibility, and agility of common business processes such as:

  • Consensus building - Enable business and IT to align and deliver the advantages of process driven applications by using easy-to-understand prebuilt process that deliver immediate value
  • Rapid IT and business ramp up - Enhance learning of business process management software best practices, while delivering real applications. Businesses can review embedded requirements and understand how to expand to fit specific needs.
  • Best practices - Mitigate the risk associated with IT learning using a new technology and delivery model. Provide an application context within which business and IT can frame their requirements.
  • Rapid deployment - Quickly deploy and benefit from ready-to-use processes

Reaching Process Excellence with Business Process Accelerators

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