ShipConsole - The Premier Shipping Solution for Oracle

ShipConsole is an Oracle-Validated, enterprise strength, easy-to-use software for integration between Oracle E-Business Suite and freight carriers like UPS, FedEx and various LTL carriers. Various tasks such as online shipment processing, label printing, shipment tracking, instantaneous proof-of-delivery documentation, and Oracle ship confirmation can be performed from a unified interface in ShipConsole thus enhancing productivity and making it the one source for shipment related information.

Apps Associates, as an Oracle Platinum Partner provides reliable, secure Oracle E-Business Suite hosting and management services on cloud.

In this lab, you will gain access to a dedicated E-Business Suite environment where you can learn just how easy it is to use ShipConsole. You can also learn how to improve productivity and obtain better analytics due to the availability of shipping data and freight costs in Oracle Applications.

Some benefits of ShipConsole include:

  • One stop shipping from Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Complete ship confirmation in Oracle E-Business Suite with the click of a single button
  • Maintain data integrity by validating item serial numbers at the time of shipping
  • Print all shipping documentation from a single source
  • Track shipment status and obtain proof-of-delivery documentation electronically
  • Enhance visibility into freight costs and shipment tracking information



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