Auto Scaling Windows Web Applications on AWS

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Windows Applications on AWS

Auto Scaling Windows Web Applications on AWS

Windows Web Application Hosting and Auto Scaling on AWS

Deploying and maintaining highly available, scalable websites and web applications is a highly complex, time and resource consuming and expensive process. Most of the applications experience traffic fluctuations and it may result in poor response time or low utilization or both. It typically results in significant hardware cost, infrastructure setup cost and high operating cost.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides scalable, reliable, secure and high performance infrastructure. AWS enables elastic infrastructure to easily scale in and scale out in real time as web traffic grows or shrinks.

This lab demonstrates Windows web applications hosting on AWS and is focused on:

  • Deployment of multiple web sites on Windows IIS server
  • Real-time application deployment, load balancing, database deployment, bootstrapping instances, and auto scaling of web servers
  • Database hosted on AWS’s Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Object storage in S3 and download access through Amazon CloudFront download distribution
  • Demonstration of real time auto scaling and on demand scaling

Try this lab to experience the auto scaled Windows web applications hosted on AWS.

Auto Scaling Windows Web Applications on AWS

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