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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

We understand the opportunities and the challenges associated with the cloud and deliver cloud services that are specifically tailored to your requirements and your application workloads. We will also guide you through the transformation process including the complex issues of security, architecture and governance.

  • case study
    Case Study
    RISO Transforms IT by Moving Data Center to the Cloud
  • case study
    Case Study
    Global Manufacturing Company Moves BI to the Cloud and Improves Scalability
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    Cloud Adoption Services
  • brochure
    Cloud Adoption Services to AWS
We identify which workloads are suitable for migration to the cloud and recommend the most suitable cloud model, private, public or hybrid and develop a roadmap with detailed next steps.
We will help you develop a business justification for application migration to the cloud through a total cost of ownership (TCO) and ROI analysis. Our consultants will also analyze the security, and infrastructure implications for your cloud deployment.
We will install, migrate, configure, integrate and administer the application and our consultants will deliver complete cloud deployment services including planning, testing, implementation and support.
managed services
Managed Services
We will work closely with your organization so we understand your processes and current configuration. We’ll take a joint approach so we can quickly establish the processes and rules so that we can apply best practices to your cloud environment and balance performance and cost.

We chose Apps Associates for our Oracle EBS migration to the AWS cloud because it is essential for success to have a partner that has expertise in both Oracle EBS and AWS cloud. Apps Associates has both and they completed a potentially complex migration flawlessly.

Michael McGrath,
VP of IT,
American Commercial Lines

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Working at Apps Associates gives the freedom to innovate, lead and execute futuristic technologies.


Satyendra Pasalapudi