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Denied Party Screening

Denied Party Screening Software

ShipConsole provides an automated method to perform Denied Party Screening so you can easily screen a large volume of data at one time, or you have the option to perform the screening individually if needed. For large volumes, a concurrent program is used to screen all customer data or open orders or you can also screen individually if desired.

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Individuals and companies in the US must screen all export transactions to ensure that companies, groups and persons found on the government lists that are used to designate denied parties do not receive goods exported from the US. The sheer volume of these lists makes it a daunting task to conduct Denied Party Screening, not to mention that there are numerous updates to the lists including new additions that must also be considered. However, if you’re an exporter, it is mandatory to conduct this screening as per the order of the US government.

Denied Party Screening helps you fulfill customer expectations that international shipments will arrive on time while at the same time adhering to government requirements that requires you to properly screen all export transactions for Denied Parties. Denied Party Screening helps you to:

  • Proactively determine if a customer has been placed on any government list that precludes them from receiving exported goods
  • Continually monitor government and other required lists that are always up to date from multiple sources both foreign and domestic
  • Efficiently handle the resolution process to ensure there are no shipping delays

Most importantly, maintaining a Denied Party Screening program that has the proper due diligence and reasonable care will demonstrate compliance and ensure you maintain your export privileges.

Additional features include:

  • Automate screening by scheduling to run daily
  • Send alerts and notifications if Denied Parties are found
  • Apply hold(s) to order and/or customer site

The ease of use has been the greatest benefit to our organization. We have become more efficient in our outbound preparation and execution due to ShipConsole. Their implementation team was readily available and brought effective solutions to the table. They truly are a valued partner.

Bill Stuebner,
Global Director of Supply Chain
Elkay Manufacturing Co.


ShipConsole made it easy for us to integrate Oracle Applications with freight carriers. It has increased the productivity of our shipping department and helped us in getting better visibility of our freight which ended up in significant freight reduction.

Ronen Wolfsberger,
CIO, Sig Sauer.