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Learning and Development

Learning and Development Program

The Learning and Development (L&D) strategy at Apps Associates strives to maximize the workforce capabilities, skills and competencies and is focused on ensuring that every individual in the organization reaches their full potential and contributes to the organization’s effectiveness.

We consider L&D to be strategic to our organization and have aligned it with our overall business strategy. As part of the L&D strategy at Apps Associates, we offer ongoing, global, technical and professional skills development opportunities through various programs:

Continuous Learning Program

The objective of our Continuous Learning Program is to ensure that every associate in the organization acquires, and continues to hone, the right blend of professional skills and technical skills required to function effectively and to meet client requirements. Our Continuous Improvement programs include

  • Technical Topics like “CMMI Quality Standards”, “Oracle’s Big Data Discovery Tools”, “Cloud Applications”, and “MuleSoft Overview”
  • Professional Topics like “Project Management Framework, “Strength Focused Leadership”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, and “The Trusted Advisor”
  • Day long experiential workshops and evening night schools
  • Specific topics targeting Associate goals and book club formats covering relevant topics like “Flawless Consulting”
  • One on one coaching opportunities to perfect “Presentation” skills and “Communication” skills
  • Clients who join us for a facilitated “Voice of the Customer” dialog covering all aspects of our services through group discussions about what we are doing that works and what we can do even better
Corporate Overview

Our programs are led by internal training professionals, subject matter experts and the senior leadership team. All associates commit to participating in at least 4 workshops each year – a company goal which is usually well exceeded.

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & various other Behavioral trainings at Apps have changed the way I live my life and my perspective towards almost everything/everyone."

Mentor Program

Our Mentor Program is designed to unlock, develop, and retain leadership potential at Apps Associates and has proven to be an effective initiative for leadership development and growth. The goals of the program are to:

  • Establish relationships between identified performers (Mentees) and Senior Leaders (Mentors) to develop the unique skills, abilities, and potential leadership qualities of mentees and to provide career support and professional development assistance to mentees
  • Provide opportunities for Senior Leaders (Mentors) to continue to develop coaching and servant leadership skills
  • Increase retention and reinforce affinity with the organization
  • Strengthen the professional networks of both mentors and mentees

We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of life-long learning and the development of an attitude for establishing the workplace as a learning organization. We believe our Continuous Learning Program and our Mentoring Program enable that learning.

"Two great outcomes so far – 1. I was going through a particularly difficult time on my project & was debating if I should bring this up with my mentor. Coincidentally (?) that day, he asked me about my work situation & I spilled the beans. He was a good listener, provided support and some thoughts on how I could resolve my situation. I felt a load lifted off my shoulders & I am very thankful for his non-judgmental support. 2. I mentioned my goal for the program and he provided me with thoughts on how to approach the client & when the opportunity presented itself I followed his direction and was thrilled at the outcome."

Experience at Apps Associates

Learning & Development is focused on delivering results for the company’s most important goal – Associate Engagement. We are relentlessly determined to continuously develop our “Extreme Expertise”.


Debra Morin
Learning & Development

Experience at Apps Associates

Apps Associates focuses on people development to ensure they don’t just have a job but build a career

Jeff Dunford

Jeff Dunford
Applications Delivery