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Apps Associates Private Cloud

Unsure if you want to put your applications on the public cloud? Apps Associates Private Cloud delivers a secure, scalable solution that helps you manage costs and risks. Our private cloud includes hardware, connectivity, break fix and security - all supported by a world-class team of dedicated engineers.

Our Approach

Using tested and proven methodology, we combine production operations and on-going support. Starting with an assessment, we then move to solution design and build to your specifications, keeping everything running with 24/7 run support. We conduct quarterly business reviews to ensure both the solution and Apps Associates keeps pace with your business requirements.

Extreme Expertise

Apps Associates’ highly experienced team of technical professionals have designed, built and supported private, public, SaaS and hybrid cloud solutions for 15 years. The team’s average tenure exceeds 8 years, and spans all of our comprehensive services areas:

  • Solution Design
  • Implementation
  • Preventive and Proactive Infrastructure
  • OS and Database Management
  • Patch and Release Management
  • Application and Technology Upgrade Capabilities
  • Innovative Cloud Back Up Strategy - Eliminating the need to use tapes in the data center and reduce restore time
  • Environment Monitoring - Infrastructure and applications are monitored with a 24/7 team utilizing sophisticated tools that adhere to SLAs