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Mobile Application Development Services

You need to connect with employees, customers, vendors and partners. Anywhere, anytime! Mobile technology has made that objective not only possible but increasingly necessary in order to move the needle on growth and profitability. For the enterprise, it is not about BYOD as that is often a distraction with hard to measure ROI. Rather, it is about real-time engagement and enablement to increase efficiency and productivity. To make that happen you need to develop a mobile strategy and ensure mobile applications development integrates seamlessly with your enterprise application layer and infrastructure. But, where do you start?

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    Case Study
    PetTrax Develops Mobile Application to Enable Remote Pet Care
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    Case Study
    Global Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Provider Improves Customer Service with New Mobile App
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    Evaluate Your Approach to Custom Application Management
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Our Services

Mobile is strategic. You can’t afford to continue buying and deploying band-aid mobile solutions that do not work seamlessly within your enterprise. You need a partner like Apps Associates who brings many years of Extreme Expertise in Oracle enterprise applications and technologies. The difference is mobile connectivity with purpose. The choice is up to you. Our mobile application development team is integrated with our Centers of Excellence to drive results and can help you to:

  • Develop an enterprise strategy and roadmap for mobile
  • Integrate mobile application development with your backbone Oracle applications, third-party applications and SaaS solutions such as Salesforce by leveraging our deep experience and skills in (ERP, Salesforce, BI, Hyperion, Middleware and Infrastructure services including our SOA integration services
  • Deliver mobile application development services that drive efficiency and productivity in the hot spots of highest leverage within your enterprise
  • Implement mobile Application Development using principles of CMMI and the Apps Associates Project Management Framework methodology
  • Model and simulate the integration of mobile and business process workflow by using Oracle Business Process Management in order to determine areas of measurable improvement and to build your business case and mobile ROI analysis
  • Establish governance and oversight using an Integrated Delivery team for post-deployment support as part of our Managed Services service delivery
Our Competencies
  • Specialized certifications earned in Oracle E-Business Suite, Database, Database Security, SOA, Business Intelligence
  • CMMI Level 3 certified
  • Certified Oracle and Microsoft experts with capabilities in the following:
    • Mobile Enterprise Application Development Platforms (MEAP) and Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP)
    • Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile (ADF Mobile)
    • Oracle Application Express Mobile (Apex Mobile)
    • Windows Phone 7, 8
  • Apps Associates’ legacy centered on Oracle applications and technologies and broad portfolio of services (ERP, Salesforce, BI, Hyperion, Middleware, Infrastructure, Application Development, Sharepoint) provides a foundation to understand and build strong integration and value with your mobile applications
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