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Oracle Exalytics

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Companies are faced with an enormous challenge to deliver fast, interactive and insightful analytics. Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Analytics machine, seems to be the answer. Will it do the trick? If so, how do you move your BI and planning to Oracle Exalytics? How will you integrate new analytical applications and ensure optimum performance?


Our Engineered Systems portfolio of services coupled with our deep history as one of the original class of Business Intelligence services providers certified by Oracle will make your job easy. This combination of proven infrastructure and Oracle BI competency is indeed rare. Our experienced, professional team covers the entire life cycle from planning to support and will help you to address the following key questions:

Oracle Business Intelligence Consulting Services
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  • Which of our BI and planning applications will work well on the Oracle Exalytics platform?
  • How do I know that the problems that we are experiencing are not caused by poor design of our current Oracle BI solution? Will I simply be masking the problem on a faster machine?
  • Is there a way to verify that Oracle Exalytics will, in fact, alleviate my current pain of poor performance, disgruntled users and reluctant adoption?
  • How will we migrate from my current data models, warehouse and ETLs to run on Oracle Exalytics?
  • How will the Oracle Exalytics machine scale and eliminate latency with its in memory analytics as we bring on more locations and users across the globe?
  • Relevant Certifications:
    • Specialized certifications earned in Oracle E-Business Suite, Database, Database Security, SOA, Oracle Business Intelligence
    • Specialized infrastructure services staff and architects trained in Oracle Exalytics, Exalogic and Exadata
  • Relevant Experience:
  • Recognitions and Awards:
    • Inaugural member of Oracle BI Leadership board
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We have had a working business relationship with Apps Associates for the past several years. Their knowledge… is excellent. They are currently working on our Business Intelligence project. I would recommend them to anyone.

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