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Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM Cloud

Apps Associates has created tools and accelerators that speed up the implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud. With the large number of successful Oracle Cloud implementations we’ve completed, Apps Associates is the ideal partner for your migration.

Apps Associates HCM Solutions
HR Analytics for Workforce Management
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Agios Takes HR Management to the Next Level with Oracle HCM

Taking care of your employees and managing your business as efficiently as possible are goals that most organizations share. One way to achieve both is to implement an HR system to help you manage payroll, benefits and performance management. Oracle HCM Cloud is one example and if you’re implementing this system for the first time or migrating to Oracle HCM Cloud from Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) or PeopleSoft then you may need a partner to help you with that implementation.

Apps Associates Services for Oracle HCM Cloud include:

  • Analysis of existing HR System and planning for migration to HCM Cloud
  • Provide strategic HR advice and recommendations based on observed industry Best Practices
  • Design and Implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud for your organization
  • HR data migration from existing systems to Oracle HCM Cloud
  • User training and continuing Managed Services
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Your existing Human Resources data may be stored in an Oracle database or in a series of spreadsheets and other documents and extracting the data, formatting it for Oracle HCM and then uploading the data to the cloud has been a time consuming and error prone activity. That’s why Apps Associates has developed a tool that dramatically accelerates this process.


Through years of experience and multiple deployments, Apps Associates has developed tools and software accelerators that will speed up your deployment of Oracle HCM Cloud.

Oracle HCM Cloud Accelerator

The Apps Associates Accelerator for Oracle HCM reduces the data migration by up to 60%. Developed by experienced Oracle experts, this accelerator uses templates to match data fields from your existing application to the fields in Oracle HCM.

The Accelerator consists of pre-built SQL scripts that take your existing HR data and generate formatted data files that are suitable for import into Oracle HCM Cloud. Using Oracle built utilities, the Apps Associates accelerator will import and load the data files into HCM Cloud, dramatically reducing time and therefore cost of deployment.

The data migration process is designed to work with any data source but it is fully automated for Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft. If you currently use another application then Apps Associates will supply templates that can be used to map data field to data field.

Cloud Managed Services Offering

The Apps Associates Oracle Cloud Managed Services includes, Governance, Continuous Improvement and Problem Resolution as well as upgrade and data backup management.