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Apps Associates IT Staffing Solutions

Apps Associates IT Staffing Solutions

Respond Effectively with the Right Person with the Right Skills to Meet Your Needs

If you have a complex IT project that requires hard to find skills or you have an Ongoing program that needs expertise that you don’t have in your team, Apps Associates has a staffing solution to help you. Occasionally, a vital employee will move on to a new role and you’ll need a temporary backfill, or a company acquisition will result in an IT integration problem that you can’t solve alone. Now you can turn to Apps Associates Staffing. We provide the following services:

  • Temporary staffing required only for the duration of the project
  • Specialist, hard to find skills for permanent or temporary hire – For example – "Oracle Process Manufacturing" Oracle Architect or Oracle Business Analyst
  • Application support
  • Application enhancement and customization
  • Supplemental project management staff
IT Staffing Solutions

Getting started couldn’t be easier:


Why Apps Associates?

  • Apps Associates deploys our own staff who are well trained employees with hard to find skills together with external contractors.
  • Speed – You can rely on Apps Associates for a quick turnaround to respond effectively with the right person with the right skills to meet your needs.
  • Competitive rates
  • Oracle experience and knowledge
  • Apps Associates has a trusted, well-known local pool (or network) of experienced resources
  • We match client requirement with candidate skills through a rapid, but intensive screening process.

Client Experience

One client needed an IT consultant with finance experience to help update the client’s existing financial applications because they didn’t have the required IT experience and knowledge in-house. Apps Associates sourced a suitable candidate who was so successful that the client retained him for more than a year after the initial project was completed.


Each staff member we place is supported by our seasoned delivery team. Our staffing placements are never on their own at a client site. We’ve got their back. Apps Associates also provides an extensive online systems and knowledge base to support the consultant working on your project.


Apps Associates possesses some of the best talent that I have seen in Oracle Applications. They have become the backbone of our IT department

Director of Applications,
Leading Communications Solutions Provider


My heartfelt thanks for all of the hard work put in by your team during this very successful (data center relocation project) effort…. To have executed it so well and so seamlessly in the eyes of our customers is a tremendous achievement and I am quite proud of the performance of all team members…we can close this project and call it an unqualified success.

Jon McKinley,
VP of Technology,