Change Management

With Apps Associates’ Change Management offering we provide a framework to accelerate successful user adoption as well as user support. Whether migrating or introducing new business applications, automation, data visualization or choosing a hybrid or fully Cloud-based infrastructure, the biggest challenge to upgrading any important business system is not just in planning and supporting the actual implementation—it’s the human element of change and guiding overall user adoption.

Organizations invest countless dollars in business applications, it only makes sense to ensure that users can leverage them to the fullest. Change Management ensures teams are trained and equipped with the right tools and processes to seamlessly go about day-to-day and mission critical operations with ease. Change Management helps to keep the human element of change in the forefront and provides a strategy to decrease implementation risk due to poor user adoption. Apps Associates can help; with added components of agility and creativity that emphasize value for our diversified customer base. We bring alignment and resources that will elicit positive change and momentum for users and fast track ROI for businesses.

Leverage Your New Business Applications to the Fullest with Apps Associates’ Change Management

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Change Management ensures teams are trained and equipped with the right tools and processes to seamlessly go about day-to-day and mission critical operations with ease—which is just as paramount to company success as the
infrastructure itself—and Apps Associates is here to help.

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When thinking about what goes into a digital transformation the thought can leave customers overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. However, what is even more overwhelming is the thought of investing in a solution and having employees ill equipped and unable to utilize the solution to its potential. So let’s talk “Why Change Management” for your next digital transformation.

  • Change Management can help lower the risk associated with end user adoption and encourage ownership and accountability through employee engagement, communication and enablement
  • Change Management can help to improve alignment with strategic goals and overall vision – by focusing on transforming the customer experience and highlighting values within the changes answering what is in it for me (WIIFM) questions.
  • Change Management can help decrease financial loss due to extending project timelines/Go-Lives
  • Change Management can help to create a holistic sustainability strategy for post Go-Live and beyond.

Not having a strategic change management strategy and team in place increases the risks of an unsuccessful project implementation. Remember, we think so much about the technology, let’s not forget about the people behind that technology. Bottom line, Change Management can help equip employees and project teams with the right toolkits and resources they’ll need for overall adoption and success.

Why Change Management?

Comprehensive Change Management and Training Methodology

After a major migration or implementation, failing to plan can quickly become planning to fail—but it doesn’t have to. Our proven Change Management methodology follows a simple process that ensures no stone is left unturned and no end user is left behind. From Oracle to Salesforce, our approach seamlessly breaks down Change Management, so each phase has a strategy for success—and we’re with you every step of the way to ensure that plan is achieved. As a trusted Oracle Partner, Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and Prosci Change Management Certified experts, our team is fully versed to facilitate both individual and organizational change—regardless of platform or vendor.

A crucial component of change management is laying a solid foundation to increase user adoption by asking the right questions during discovery, learning the business processes, (current state and future state), identifying key stakeholders and change committees and finally identifying potential change management risks aligned to the overall project cycles. With proper discovery and needs gathering we establish a clear understanding of goals, values and project scope.  It provides and opportunity to identify process improvement and cross organizational dialogue to improve business outcomes.


Having a clear vision and objectives for the overall project is imperative to change success. We gain this insight by conducting thorough discovery sessions and integrating that information into the overall change management plan and strategy.

By establishing a formal strategy we ensure that any negative effects of change will be minimized and effectively institute a change management strategy. It is important to monitor change to ensure they have brought about the desired effect.

The more transparent and engaging we can be during the implementation process the more likely we are on to increase user adoption, ROI and ultimately change and transform as desired.

The difference between how people operate today vs. the “future state” needs to be communicated to help people understand areas that will change the most. It is important to assess the change, people and channels to prepare for to communicate change.  It is helpful to include the what and why in communicating to each audience.



Training is a huge component of the change process. We need to communicate on the “what, why, how” and then we need to educate on “how” we change and the solution. In order to ensure a successful outcome during the process of change, training, educating and developing individuals in how to properly use the new systems is critical and helps to maximize ROI faster.

Bottom line: Committing to effective, ongoing training increases your organization’s chances of success.


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