License Negotiation & Compliance

Negotiating and reviewing Oracle licenses requires deep contract and product knowledge. Our Oracle expert licensing team levels the playing field for you, helping you navigate the complexities of the agreement and gain clarity on licenses owned. From initial license assessments, to audit preparation and ULA renewals/certifications, our Oracle licensing and compliance experience is designed to help save you money and time with full-cycle licensing support.

We help prepare customers for Oracle purchases by analyzing business need and reviewing product specifications. It’s a buy what you need approach. For renewal or audit preparation, we review in-use applications and your contract(s). Our experts will proactively advise on possible risk exposures and provide guidance and counseling on appropriate responses and contract language during negotiations.

Partner with our license experts to:
  • Gain clarity on licenses owned
  • Understand contractual obligations
  • Document license utilization
  • Optimize utilization
  • Receive guidance around negotiating favorable terms
We offer full-cycle license support, including:
  • Negotiation & Implementation Services
  • Compliance & Renewal Reviews
  • Unlimited License Agreements & Certification
  • Cloud Migration Planning

Oracle licensing is complex.

It can be easy to overlook certain nuances and requirements when negotiating an Oracle license contract. Contract complexity makes cost and usage evaluation a challenge for IT decision makers. As an experienced Oracle Partner, we provide guidance on licensing requirements to minimize future financial surprises and compliance risks. We balance business need, costs and compliance for a wide range of customers, from emerging growth companies to large, global enterprises.

We also lead customers through product implementation, ensuring compliance guides the overall project. Understanding the product and contractual obligations is in the best interest of your business. Stop worrying and let Apps Associates provide the guidance needed.

Negotiation & Implementation Services

Your Oracle Technology and E-Business Suite software ships feature rich capabilities, packed with technologies in and out of contract scope. There are numerous license metrics across varying Oracle products. This long-standing Oracle practice is the basis of our customers’ compliance concerns. Our proprietary usage review methodology and contract knowledge identifies possible gaps between usage and contractual obligations.

Apps Associates brings experience and intelligence to the review, ensuring a full view of non-compliant usage data and remediation next steps. We help you reduce the risk of unknowingly triggering expensive license events for your Oracle Applications and Technology software.

Compliance & Renewal Reviews

Annual compliance reviews ensure licensees are in favorable certification and audit positions. Historical compliance information allows licensees to identify core usage statistics over time. Apps Associates uses this information to help you proactively manage your Oracle Software Assets and ensure you are prepared should an audit be initiated.

Compliance reviews allow for true price option comparisons which affords the licensee a more favorable position when negotiating with Oracle. Apps Associates helps ensure implementations are optimized, so Oracle customers get the most value out of the software they already own. These compliance reviews help mitigate cost-driving surprises.

Licensing Agreements & Certification

When it comes to Oracle-to-the-cloud migration, 58% of IT professionals managing Oracle contracts say they worry a move to a third-party, non-Oracle cloud, would trigger a license compliance violation. To date, Apps Associates has not reviewed any Oracle contracts with approved public cloud migration prohibitions.

Apps Associates has migrated more than 180 workloads to the cloud, including Oracle-to-AWS migrations. A customer’s Oracle license contract governs usage compliance, not the location of your applications. Our experts are prepared to handle the pre-migration compliance review, remediation steps as necessary, and migration to the cloud. For more insight about Oracle to the Cloud, please visit our Licensing and Support Hub.

Cloud Migration Planning