Oracle E-Business Suite

We know Oracle EBS inside out. Let us help you to adapt and transform along the path from Oracle EBS R12 to Fusion. If you are considering if and how to develop a coexistence strategy for Oracle Cloud Applications, you’ll want to work with our experienced team.

A Cornerstone of Our Business

We have invested heavily in Oracle EBS R12 readiness and execution and have built a portfolio of reusable components in order to successfully facilitate your transition to Oracle EBS R12.

A dedicated and responsive team will partner with you over the course of the following:

  • Conduct a complete Oracle EBS R12 assessment to minimize time, cost and effort of the upgrade process by employing our CEMLI Toolkit comprised of 5 distinct elements: Extractor, Migrator, Analyzer, Estimator and Organizer
  • Prepare your infrastructure for Oracle EBS R12 using our Infrastructure Services for database upgrade, patch application, etc.
  • Understand the differences, impact and benefits of Oracle Cloud Applications Applications and the requirements for coexistence and integration within your application and technology footprint.
  • Provide ongoing support with comprehensive Managed Services


  • Relevant Specializations:
    1. Oracle E-Business Suite R12 (multiple disciplines)
    2. Oracle Cloud Applications
    3. Oracle Business Intelligence
    4. Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Database 11g
    5. Oracle Database Security CEMLI Toolkit:
      • CEMLI Extractor extracts the CEMLI Objects from any instance based on custom search criteria
      • CEMLI Migrator aids in the download/migration of 45 types of database and server side objects
      • CEMLI Analyzer analyzes the code and identifies CEMLI’s that need remediation, gives detailed description of remediations and assigns complexity buckets
      • CEMLI Estimator provides the best practice scope and level of effort estimator
      • CEMLI Organizer creates the CEMLI catalog or register to support trace by BU, functionality

Our partnership with Oracle on their applications and technologies and broad portfolio of services (ERP, Salesforce, BI, Hyperion, Middleware, Infrastructure, Application Development, SharePoint) provides a foundation to understand and build strong integration and value with your ERP applications.

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