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Interested in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? We can help guide you through your RPA initiatives and help supplement your team with our seasoned RPA professionals specializing in UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Microsoft Power Automate.

RPA is the outsourcing of repetitive tasks and sequences to a robot-in-training, that helps transform businesses by using automation to evolve with speed and accuracy. The nice thing is that the software bot is always working for your organization, it doesn’t need sleep and it doesn’t make mistakes. Bottom-line, you can take the mundane, repetitive, time consuming and computer based tasks off your employees’ plates giving them extra hours in their day for higher value more meaningful work.

What is RPA?

  • Save time and improved productivity, accuracy and consistency
  • Enhance business analytics and allow for easy standardization of work
  • Avoid human errors and reduce human efforts
  • Provide a frictionless delivery of tasks
  • Reduce cost
  • Complete their audit trail for compliance purposes

RPA Benefits:

Assess, Develop, Adapt, Maintain (A.D.A.M)

At Apps Associates, our RPA Service offering can be categorized into four phases. They include Assess, Develop, Adapt, Maintain (A.D.A.M). We offer each offering separately or in conjunction with others.

For more information on each of the offerings click here.

Apps Associates’ RPA Service Offerings:

A.D.A.M is built to help your organization understand the impact of RPA and how it is implemented.  Apps Associates works with you to review your current existing processes including documentation.

We look at the opportunities for automation. Suggestions are made for RPA implementation with a high level project plan and rollout including an ROI analysis.

Apps A.D.A.M RPA Approach Can Help Your Organization.

Do you have basic Oracle processes that are still manual? Did you know that they can be easily automated? Enter in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA can automate repetitive tasks to a robot in training that helps transform businesses to evolve with speed and accuracy. Apps Associates has created bots based on several Oracle Use Case Processes to make your life easier! With RPA you can save time and improve productivity all while avoiding human errors and reducing human efforts.

Example ERP Processes
  • Uploading and downloading of files to/from ftp servers
  • Interacting with databases
  • Reading/Writing JSON files
  • Data scraping
  • Sending email notifications
  • Screen recording
  • Scheduling of processes
  • Reading csv files from local machines
  • Perform credentials masking
  • Looping structures
  • Integration using web service

RPA for Oracle Related Processes:

Example Oracle Process Use Case

Example Oracle Process Use Case

Our ExpediteClose AP bot is an automated approach to expediting your financial close.

No Errors, No Hassle, No Human Intervention: ExpediteClose AP is an automated approach to month end close for the Oracle Cloud Financials (Accounts Payables module). With easy to deploy, error-free automation, generate a bot-led month end close process that is repeatable and easy to implement.

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Cloud ERP Financial Close Accelerators

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