On-Premise Applications

We understand that not everyone is ready to move to the Cloud yet. That’s why we provide full service capabilities to implement on-premise E-Business suite applications. Whether your need is to customize existing applications or manage a new installation of E-Business Suite, implementation and management of on-premise applications has been Apps Associates specialty since 2002.

Considering a Move to Cloud?

On-premise applications provide great flexibility and a comprehensive solution to fit your business needs. Our time tested on-premise capabilities include hosting, implementation, assessments, enhancements and support.

Moving to the Cloud can be a journey. No matter what stage of the journey your business is at, we have step-by-step processes to help you get there. You can connect your on-premise applications to our Private or Public Cloud and create a Hybrid or Multi-Cloud environment. Whether implementing a Disaster Recovery solution to your on-premise applications or gradually moving your production applications to the Cloud, we’ll have a solution for you.

If you’re looking to implement a digital transformation for your enterprise, learn more about our various Private, Public, SAAS or Multi-Cloud services.

Not Ready to Transition to The Cloud Yet? Perhaps a Move to 12.2 is Best for You.

Apps knows Oracle EBS inside and out. With close to two decades of experience with the product and over 200 EBS clients, we recognize that each customer’s journey is unique towards business transformation. For that reason, we’ve developed a series of diagnostics and tools to help customers as they determine path forward towards a 12.2.X upgrade, a hybrid SaaS solution, or Cloud ERP. Let us help you to adapt and transform along your unique path with our experienced team. Learn more about our EBS Services.